Amazing Pictures From Inside a Luxury Camper Van

Do you still believe that camping is something awful, some form of going on holidays for those who cannot afford a hotel? Think again!

Here are some awesome pictures from the inside of a luxurious camper van! The super camper sure isn’t cheap, it goes for anywhere from £750,000 to £1.2 million – but then you can be certain to get luxury and amenities that might even make most 5 star hotel jealous!

As if the quality leather seats, big-screen TV, real wood units, Dolby entertainment system and other great things would not be enough, the van even comes with a built-in space for your Ferrari 458 too!  The £170,000 sports car is not included in the price for the camper van.van-ferrarivan-frontvan-middlevan-kitchen

Not quite that luxurious, but still a lot of fun and sure the best way to go on holiday is if you rent a campervan! See a trusted local British campervan hire if you want to learn all about it!