Teachers: Third of Pupils in the UK Fall behind in Primary School

private-schools-ukAccording to teachers in the United Kingdom, one out of three pupils in the nation’s following behind in literacy and numeracy by the time they finish primary school.

The Scottish government just released a new study where these quite sobering findings are now putting pressure on Nicola Sturgeon. This comes right after she pledged that she wanted to make substantial progress in eliminating a large gap between the rich and poor in the nation in the coming eight years.

According to the study, which had been conducted by using teachers assessment of the progress of pupils, the performance gap between pupils from rich families those from poorer ones widens the further they progress through the system.


What alternatives are there if you are looking for a good primary school in the United Kingdom? One option can be that you look into private schools rather than taking chances with the U.K.’s public school system. Private schools in UK, quite contrary to the public schools are normally not suffering from problems such as underfunding, overcrowded classrooms or poorly qualified teachers. For many families, the advantages of private education in the United Kingdom are more than making up for the costs. Furthermore, in recent years there have been increasingly more affordable private schools, such as the primary schools Hertfordshire as well as those in other areas of the nation.

If you’re interested in private education and the benefits of it for your children it can be recommended that you look into private schools.

On Electronic Invoicing

EinvoicingWhether you own a business in the furniture industry or whether you are an interior designer, in fact it doesn’t even matter what type of business you are running, you may want to look into einvoicing.

Einvoicing (or electronic invoicing) can significantly help you to save time that you can otherwise spend for more important things in your business. And, needless to say, it can also help you to save costs.

Electronic invoicing is in particular interesting for those who are often out and about as part of their job. Say, if you happen to be an interior designer who is visiting clients as part of  your routine, electronic invoicing allows you to do your entire invoicing without having to rely on a physical office location.  You can do your invoices from your phone on the way from one client to the next.

The best thing is, you can do your invoices in a very short time and it is a lot less tedious as if you where to do them the traditional way.

How exactly does electronic invoicing work?

Einvoicing is pretty easy since the difference to traditional invoicing is a minimal, yet significant. The old-fashioned way to do your invoices requires to print out your invoices and then mail them. With electronic invoicing you simply send the electronic invoice from your phone or computer to an electronic invoice service provider. Creating your invoices is also made considerably easier because you can do the entire process with special apps from your phone or PC, this includes the creation and the sending of your invoices.

Are you still looking for a way to save some costs in your business? If that’s the case I can recommend that you look into electronic invoicing. If you are like me, you will quickly realise that it is far superior to the old way of doing your invoices.

Amazing Pictures From Inside a Luxury Camper Van

Do you still believe that camping is something awful, some form of going on holidays for those who cannot afford a hotel? Think again!

Here are some awesome pictures from the inside of a luxurious camper van! The super camper sure isn’t cheap, it goes for anywhere from £750,000 to £1.2 million – but then you can be certain to get luxury and amenities that might even make most 5 star hotel jealous!

As if the quality leather seats, big-screen TV, real wood units, Dolby entertainment system and other great things would not be enough, the van even comes with a built-in space for your Ferrari 458 too!  The £170,000 sports car is not included in the price for the camper van.van-ferrarivan-frontvan-middlevan-kitchen

Not quite that luxurious, but still a lot of fun and sure the best way to go on holiday is if you rent a campervan! See a trusted local British campervan hire if you want to learn all about it!

About The Singing Waiters

singing-waiters-super-heros-2The Singing Waiters are the UK’s most popular surprise entertainers. They can be booked for any type of evening entertainment where you want something special. They can perform their “classic” highly popular surprise live shows for your and your guests but recently added even more to their repertoire.

Now they have a new vocal harmony group called “The Brit Tones” which you might want to check out too! Along with other great entertainment from the The Singing Waiters like their flash mobs they also come to your birthday party or pretty much any type of event. How about The Singing Waiters dressed up as cool super-heroes for your or your children’s next birthday party or to have them perform for an amazing engagement surprise!

Make sure you book them early, especially in the warmer seasons of the year! It can otherwise be difficult to get them since they can be booked for months ahead due to their popularity!!

A Good Gym for the Still New & Fresh Year!

Fitness Instructor Leading Stretches
Now is the time where a lot of people are signing up for gyms, this isn’t  different this beginning of the new year than it was in almost any other year before.

Because a lot of us made plans during the winter and are now eager to improve their health and fitness, a lot of people are now rushing out to the gyms – and when I say “rushing” I actually mean this in a literal way!

The problem is that many folks make mistakes when they are looking for a gym studio in a hurry and this can easily backfire. What this means is that you might end up with a substandard gym and that your entire efforts including the money you will spend to improve your health  will be more or less wasted!

We live in a time where most people are looking at their spending which means that the costs for a gym membership are often the only criteria that people look at before they sign up. (The recent wave of so-called bargain gyms sure is testament for this!). The issue here just being that a so-called baragain gym membership is often not worth the paper of your membership card.

If you really want to do something for your health and fitness, the best advice I can give you is that you should look for a fitness gym that can also offer you complicated qualified advise on exercise routines. What point has it if you visit a gym and don’t know about what exercise equipment to use?

The best way to go about this would be if your gym membership includes a personal trainer, or at least a qualified fitness person that is constantly present, someone whom you can consult if you need to into can give you those essential tips! Those so-called bargain thickness memberships where you pay only a few bucks a month don’t include a trainer nor would those people care about whether you’ll actually be doing the right exercises for your body.

In conclusion you should take my advice and rather spend a few pounds more to get a gym membership that will actually be worthwhile rather than wasting money.

The above fitness tips are brought to you by Fitness Gyms in Hackney, your gym for fitness without a compromise!